VANA Member Online Forum

With joy we announce the VANA Forum application is now available in VANA Members area on the VANA website. The general guidelines and instruction will be explained herein.

One of the many aims of this forum is to build a collective and informative platform, where useful information and resources around running a Newsagency or Lottery Agency can be found.

The rules are simple, be respectful, be responsible, no inappropriate contents, no spam, and do help others.

How To

While the forum interface itself is self-explanatory, we will explain things that you can do:

  1. Creating a Topic: As a user you can participate in as many topics as you want. Firstly, find a category that correlates with the topic you wish to discuss. (For example, any question relating to wages, public holiday, et cetera will fall under the Relations board.) After selecting the relevant board, there is a button to add a topic.
  2. Replying to a Topic: Within every topic, there will be a space for members to post their reply. The post will be displayed based on the time of creation, and a reply to a topic will trigger a notification to the Topic starter.
  3. Reporting Inappropriate Behavior: If you see any inappropriate behavior in any form please do not hesitate to report the administrator of this forum at or with the copy of the URL (web address field on your internet browser).

 CLICK HERE to log in to the VANA members area and click on “Forum Board” on the left column. 

Your username is your VANA member code and the password is vana_1234

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