VANA Chairman’s End of Year Report

As we move towards 2012, it seems fitting to look back at the past 12 months and review and evaluate our performance as VANA.

Have we

  • supported our members,
  • shown leadership to protect our members investments,
  • worked with Industry Partners to make sure the Newsagency Industry is giving them value
  • Made sure that all of us, Associations, Industry Partners and Newsagents have protected our brand “Newsagent” to make sure it has a strong and profitable future.

The start of a New Year is always a good time to reflect.

In 2011, VANA has done its best to:-

  • Successfully negotiated a fee increase with both Publishers in relation to distribution. Despite not receiving what VANA believes is the true cost of distribution of both Publishers’ products, these increases showed us all that Publishers are acknowledging that this issue needs to be addressed, thus granting the increase they did. VANA will never stop fighting for newsagents to get Publishers to understand this true cost.
  • Love your Newsagent was launched in 2011, supplying all Victorian Newsagents with material to help them dress up their stores and engage with their customers to ….feel the love. This campaign was a huge success with almost 700 newsagents actively participating in the program, and over 220,000 customers going to the Love your Newsagent web site to find out what their local Newsagent was up to.
  • 2011 has seen VANA sit down with GNS and work together for the sake of all Newsagents. VANA’s involvement in the GNS Fair was a great sign to the industry that the time had come to put our differences behind us. VANA looks forward to the 2012 GNS Fair, in working closely with GNS to make it a truly industry event again. While VANA and GNS still have plenty of work to do, it’s great that barriers have been broken down and replaced with trust and respect.
  • VANA has seen the retirement of Peter Cowley, along with some other members of the VANA staff. The timing of this has allowed the VANA Board to address the way it operates VANA on a day to day basis, with a number of changes being made. Opportunities to look at the way we operate our retailer and distribution trade organisation is always welcome to make sure our members are getting the very best value for their membership.
  • Publisher’s reviews of our distribution system have dominated 2011. VANA worked with all Newsagency Associations to encourage Publishers to work together to come up with a system that will be successful for all players into the future. A major consultation process took place in October with all members, followed by a major presentation made to both News Limited and Fairfax as to how Victorian Newsagents make sure there is a future for both Retail and Distribution. VANA continues to make sure Publishers are aware that a decision is needed to see our industry move forward.
  • 2011 saw the establishment of a fully United Newsagency Industry, led by the ANF, with NANA and the QNF signing agreements to work together will all Newsagent Associations. In November, ALL Associations met for two days in Sydney to put together strategic plans to make sure UNITY is not wasted and maximum benefit for newsagents is gained. 2012 will see all Associations meeting quarterly to make sure plans and goals are achieved.
  • In December VANA re-located to Clayton. This moved was all part of the review the VANA Board did of its operation. With Nicholson Street now fully leased and with the purchase of our Clayton office, VANA’s strong asset base it manages on behalf of all its members has been strengthened allowing for Victorian Newsagents to have a strong, financially responsible Association meeting all its member’s needs.
  • VANA was pleased to be able to announce that Publishers would not be printing on Christmas day. With Christmas falling on a Sunday this year, NOT PRINTING was not ever a presumed position for the Publishers. VANA reminded both Publishers of the huge cost of staff on this day and was happy the decision not to print was made. So please enjoy your annual day off …. Even if it’s only one sleep in !!

The VANA offices will be closing over the Christmas New Year period, from 1pm Friday 23rd December 2011 and re-opening on Tuesday 3rd January 2012.

VANA’s staff is on call if needed anytime over this break. They can be contacted on:-

Sel Ozyurek – Operations Manager -  0448 703 575

Oliver Stankovski – Members Services Manager -  0438 938 423

I would like to thank the VANA Board and the VANA Staff for all their efforts in 2011. In these challenging times, the efforts of all, has helped VANA show itself as being there for the future of the Newsagency Brand.

I would also like to thank every VANA member for their membership and faith in their Association. We hope this support can be rewarded in 2012 with news of an industry ready to face whatever challenges are thrown at it, allowing the Newsagent Industry to continue to be an important part of every Victorian community.

I wish all members of the Newsagency family a Merry Christmas and a Successful and profitable New Year. I hope that in 2012 we can all work together to continue our efforts to make sure our Brand … Newsagents,  remains strong and viable for all.


Gerard Munday

VANA Chairman




Dear Newsagents,

 Over the last 4 weeks, VANA with the assistance of a Strategic Planning Consultant has facilitated two committees in producing a submission to News Limited and Fairfax which outlines a potential new model.




 VANA believes this is the most important issue facing Newsagents today!








Geelong Conference Centre


Adams Court, Eastern Park
East Geelong

Tuesday 8th November, 2011


(Light refreshments provided on arrival)

7.00pm Start – 9.00pm Finish





806-810 Nicholson Street

North Fitzroy

Wednesday 9th November, 2011



(Light refreshments provided on arrival)

1.30pm Start – 3.30pm Finish



(Light refreshments provided on arrival)

7.00pm Start – 9.00pm Finish





If you would like to attend any of the meetings, please register by COB Friday 4th November or ring the VANA Team on 9482 2911.

If you have any queries, please ring 03 9482 2911

Aldi Win in Federal Court Battle Against EPAL

ANF and VANA has welcomed the Federal Court decision that went against EFTPOS Payments Australia Ltd (EPAL) about misleading public statements that EPAL made in relation to the new EFTPOS interchange fee model that is being introduced on 1 October 2011.

The judge in his decision criticised EFTPOS Payments Australia Limited (EPAL) for failing to be clear and open that some retailers andconsumers might be impacted by the decision to raise EFTPOS interchange fees. The whole record of the case makes interesting reading: click here.

Aldi said in their media release yesterday, “It has been identified that a number of retailers will face increased charges as a result of the changes made by EPAL in relation to the new EFTPOS system, depending on the retailer’s acquiring bank.”

Justice Michael Jacobson handed down his judgement, saying that by releasing the three contravening statements, Mansfield (EPAL’s Managing Director) and EPAL had breached Australian Consumer Law.

Justice Jacobson said that the statements were misleading, and called on EPAL to publish “corrective advertising” to clear up what would be charged to whom under the new interchange fees.

Justice Jacobson recommended the following be published by EPAL in one major national newspaper and one paper in each of the state’s and territories:

“There has been a range of comments in the media about EFTPOS’s interchange fees. EPAL, the company that manages the EFTPOS debit payment system, wishes to clarify aspects of planned changes to EFTPOS interchange fees and to correct statements made in a media release dated 12 August 2011, a column in the Herald Sun on 12 August 2011 and a media release dated 8 September 2011.

“EPAL is aware that some acquirers are intending to pass part or all of these fee changes on to some retailers. It remains to be seen what such retailers may do in relation to their consumers as a result of these changes. ePal is also aware that other acquirers do not intend to pass on any of these fee changes to retailers.

“It is therefore premature to state with certainty what impact the planned changes will have at a retail level.

EPAL has been ordered to pay Aldi’s legal costs in the matter apart from the interlocutory hearing.

The ANF has been fighting the introduction of the new EFTPOS interchange fees since their announcement in February this year. We think this decision makes it clear that retailers and consumers do have something to be concerned about and we hope that the government who have not been active on this issue will now pay attention and review the introduction of these fees.

Members are reminded that the new interchange fees will start from the 1st of October and if you have not heard from your bank yet about what charges they will be passing on? We would encourage you to ask. Please let us know what they are going to pass on to you so that we can keep track of the impact. You can email any letters or emails you receive from your bank regarding this to and we would like to know also if you will be passing the fees on to your customers?

EMG is re-launching “Truckin Life” with better commissions


EMG is re-launching “Truckin Life” and is reversing the commission
– Newsagents 75% – EMG 25%
- “Truckin Life” on sale 26th October 2011 is the re-launch issue
- This iconic magazine has been totally revamped and is bigger and better,
with an extra 48 pages
- New DVD with every issue
- For the re-launch issue and the November on sale issue EMG is
increasing newsagents commission to 75%, EMG will receive 25%
- 4 weeks on sale and 75% commission = great cash flow and profit
- The magazine is being promoted to truckies across the country
- Our research shows the title appeals to drivers of small and large trucks,
not just the heavy truck drivers
- Place the magazine prominently in your motoring and 4WD sections
- For the best results place the magazine near your counter or in a high
traffic area
- So every agent can share in this opportunity any agent not currently
receiving the title or agents who receive only 1, 2 or 3 copies will
receive 4 copies in October and November
- Every agent who currently receives 4 or more copies will receive an
additional 1 copy
- If you would like more copies contact our newsagents’ customer
service department on (02) 8719 3503 or at
Kind regards
Keith Whittington
Director of Circulation


VANA recently communicated to members EMG’s announcement  in launching a range of initiatives aimed at forging a stronger link between EMG and newsagents.

VANA is pleased to  further announce that EMG will be re-launching Truckin Life magazine in October. It will include the first in a new series of free DVDs. For that issue and the November publish issue they will be “reversing” the commission structure – Newsagent will receive 75% and EMG will receive 25%.

Please Click Here for a list of EMG top titles.

EMG advised newsagents in their recent communication that they will be inserting a “Newsagent Put Away” request form inside every increased commission title delivered in November and December to promote future sales, and traffic, at newsagents.

Click on the following links below to see the draft newsagent Put Away Request Forms:

VANA welcomes the commitment in forging a stronger link between EMG and newsagents and the industry in general.


If you have any questions/feedback with regards to this initiative, please call Oliver 03 9482 2911.


EMG’s recently announced initiative to have a maximum on sale period of 4 weeks for its titles and to schedule on sale dates for the first 2 weeks of the month where possible has been well received by newsagents.

VANA would also like to advise that EMG have announced today a range of initiatives aimed at forging a stronger link between EMG and newsagents.

  • § A trial period of increased newsagents commissions (30% – 32.5%)
  • § The appointment of a Director of Circulation
  • § A contact point to allow newsagents to communicate directly with EMG

Please CLICK HERE to see the communication sent to newsagents via Network Services.

VANA welcomes their commitment in forging a stronger link between EMG and newsagents and the industry in general.

If you have any questions with regards to this initiative, please call Oliver 03 9482 2911



 VANA would like to remind Newsagents that HWT have supplied Newsagents today the “Superfooty Pictures of the Year Magazine”.

The magazine has a cover price of $2.00 and can only be purchased with a copy of the Herald Sun.

The magazine was delivered to Newsagents with newspaper supplies today and then to go on-sale immediately.

VANA acknowledges HWT on the Commission structure offered to Newsagents.

  • Newsagents will receive 25% commission for each magazine sold and sub agents should receive 12.5% commission.

This is a normal promotion where the magazine is designed to drive sales of the Herald Sun and cannot be

purchased alone.

VANA strongly recommends that Newsagents participate in this promotion and take advantage of the EXTRA promotional commission on offer.

Promotions/Activates such as this only support the newsagency channel and newsagents bottom line.

If you have any questions/concerns with regards to this promotion, please call VANA on 03 9482 2911.

Retirement of Peter Cowley, VANA CEO

At the VANA Board Meeting on the 28th June 2011 Peter Cowley, VANA CEO, advised the Board of Directors of his intention to retire, at the end of October 2011.

The VANA Board is extremely grateful to Peter for his leadership, dedication and intellectual insight into issues affecting the newsagency industry.

The VANA Board, along with its membership, wish to thank Peter for his efforts and wish him all the very best in his future.

The Board will now consider a recruitment process for Peter’s replacement and an announcement will be made of the Board’s decision in due course.