VANA Classifieds

VANA Newsagent classifieds is a brand new section of the VANA Fast Five.

We will be inviting Newsagents to provide information of items that they would like to sell or offer to other Newsagents such as wrapping machines, stock, counters and anything else that may be useful to another Newsagent.

Please email any photos and information of the items and VANA will publish them in the next Fast Five newsletter.

HWT Agreements

The current Agency Agreements for Territorial Distributors and associated Retail Agency Agreements, most of which started on 1 Feb 2010, include a reference to the date of 31 Jan 2012. Some agents are questioning this date and we would like to provide clarity.

This is not the date on which the agreements expire. The agreements remain open ended with no fixed expiry date until they are terminated. The relevance of the date 31 Jan 2012 is that it is the earliest that a termination of the agreement by either party without cause could take effect. Beyond that date, the agreements remain in place until terminated by either of us in accordance with the terms of the agreement.

The notice period for termination without cause by you as the agent is 3 months, and for the publisher is 6 months. None of this affects rights to terminate with cause on less notice such as bankruptcy or material breach.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your HWT Area Manager or any of the managers listed below. We look forward to your continued support and wish you the very best for 2012.
Yours Sincerely,
Stephen Kaye-Circulation Director
Mike Webster – Circulation Operations Manager 9292 1223
David Ferriggi – Circulation Sales Manager 9292 1942
Alan Storey – Newsagency Administration Manager 9292 1485


VANA has discussed this communication with Herald and Weekly Times Management. VANA thanks HWT for clarifying the current roll over of Newsagents contracts.

Whilst obviously not giving Newsagents the certainty needed, it has taken for granted that when new contracts are issued, current contracts will be “terminated”.

VANA continues to meet with Herald and Weekly Times Management in an effect to encourage them to announce the long awaited changes to the distribution industry.

The Newsagency Industry deserves the certainty to allow it to invest into the future during this challenging times.

VANA will continue to keep you informed.

The VANA Team.

Congratulations – Gary Lovell (ESM)

Mr Lovell has provided distinguished service and outstanding leadership over 30 years with the Shepparton Search and Rescue Squad (SS&RS)Through his passion, hard work and commitment to making a difference, he has consistently sought to identify and create opportunities to promote a safer community, a stronger SS&RS and better partnerships with other services and agencies.

Mr Lovell has produced a road safety educational program for primary and secondary schools. A component of the road safety program for secondary students is included in the “Cool Heads” program run by a Leading Senior Constable and involves the Major Collision Investigation Unit of Victoria Police, Ambulance Victoria, the Magistrates Court and the SS&RS.

Mr Lovell has demonstrated excellence in community safety education and a commitment that far exceeds that expected by any volunteer. His commitment to community safety, civic values and the dedication to encouraging volunteerism has been exemplary.

Gary is the owner and operator of Lovell’s Shepparton Newsagency for many years. He is actively involved in the newsagency industry and he is also the VANA regional Chairman.

VANA AFL Footy tickets giveway

VANA has AFL football tickets to give to its members.

The tickets are for 2 which include reserved seating and car parking at Etihad stadium.

First in best dressed!

Perhaps this could be used to run an in-store competion or for rewarding an employee. Simply email

Below is the list of games and dates…

Etihad Stadium – 2 tickets with reserved seating and car parking

Sunday, April 1 Western Bulldogs vs. West Coast Eagles 1:10pm

Sunday, April 8 St. Kilda vs. Gold Coast SUNS 4:40pm

Saturday, April 28 North Melbourne vs. Gold Coast Suns 4:40pm TWILIGHT

Sunday, May 6 Carlton vs. GWS Giants 1:10pm

Friday, May 25 Western Bulldogs vs. Geelong Cats 7:50pm

Sunday, May 27 North Melbourne vs. Brisbane Lions 1:10pm

Saturday, June 30 Essendon vs. Western Bulldogs 7:40pm

Saturday, July 14 Melbourne vs. Fremantle 1:45pm

Saturday, July 28 North Melbourne vs. Melbourne 2:10pm

Saturday, August 4 Western Bulldogs vs. North Melbourne 1.45pm

Friday, August 17 Geelong Cats vs. St. Kilda 7:50pm

Sunday, August 26 North Melbourne vs. Fremantle 3:15pm

Tickets donated by Keytek.

Business Tip #1 – Cash accounting versus accrual accounting

Making time to generate new leads can make or break the bottom line.

Essentially the difference between cash accounting and accrual accounting is the way debits and credits are accounted for in the book-keeping process.

Cash accounting is a system where you account for your profitability based purely on the movement of cash in and out of your business – it’s cash in, cash out and what’s coming in and out of the bank account (plus any cash on hand). It’s that simple.

Revenue is recognised only when cash is received and expenses are recognised only when cash is paid out.

Cash accounting does not recognise promises to pay. It’s a system that works very well for small businesses like hair dressers and personal trainers who are receiving cash for their services and are in turn paying cash to their suppliers.

The ATO allows cash accounting for those small micro businesses because it is simpler from a record-keeping point of view.

Accrual accounting is completely different. Accrual accounting allows you to account for expenses that have been incurred but not yet paid for (accounts payable) or income that has been earned but which has not yet been received (accounts receivable). The money is not yet in the bank account, it’s just a promise to pay.

For example, if you send out an invoice to a client for $2000 and that client takes 60 days to pay, you can count that money as revenue even though the cash has not yet arrived in your account.

Accrual systems recognise revenue that is technically earned but has not yet been received and records expenses whether or not they have been paid.

You are making adjustments each month for your debtors and creditors and inventory. When revenue is recognised before cash is received it is recorded in a debtors account. When an expense is recognised before cash is paid it is recorded in a creditors account.

So which system is better?

Accrual accounting is more technically correct because it gives you a better understanding of your business and the timing impact of cash flow and the operations of the business.

It is possible, for example, to have a business that is profitable but which has negative cash flow. Accrual accounting would pick that up.

The accrual method provides a better picture of how the business is going, how many sales you have completed and what expenses you need to pay. The cash method gives a better picture of how much cash you have on hand.

Grand Opening Of VANA Office

Reminder of Grand Opening for VANA Office

VANA has moved office!

The scenery has changed, the address is new, But our door’s always open to like you!

We’re having a Grand Opening for VANA new office. You are invited to celebrate such a significant part of our growth. Please come and check out our new office and join us for some nibbles and a drink.

This is also a great opportunity for everyone to meet with other newsagents. Let us gather, sit back and relax over drinks and nibbles. All welcome.

When: Wednesday 8th February 2012

Where: VANA new office Suite 4, 202 Ferntree Gully Road, Clayton 3168

Time: 6pm – 9 pm

We look forward to seeing you here.

Please RSVP A.S.A.P to Kathy via phone (8540 7000) or email (