HWT – Free Twining’s Teabags

Ahead of Australia Day celebrations (on Thursday January 26) the Herald Sun will be giving readers the opportunity to collect a free packet of 3 Twining’s Teabags with the purchase of the Herald Sun on Saturday January 21, 2012.

In anticipation of reader demand, you can expect to receive approximately 35% of your normal Saturday Herald Sun sales in Teabags.


The teabags will be delivered on Tuesday January 17 with your newspaper supplies. Please call the Circulation office on (03) 9292 1073 if you do not receive any stock on this day.

The Teabags are available in Victoria/Riverina only and on a “while stocks last” basis.


Although customers can obtain the teabags simply by purchasing the newspaper, a token will also be printed in paper for both to be used as proof-of-purchase for Home Delivery customers and customers who choose to collect their Teabags at a different outlet to where they purchase the paper.

Sub Retailers

This is a newsagent only promotion however we do ask that you supply any newsagency sub retailers in your territory with Teabags. As a simple guide, if the outlets look like a newsagency to a customer, then they should have stock.


As the Teabags are free, you will not be charged and we do not require you to send any returns back to us. Any spare Teabags however can be given to your Area Manager when they call on your newsagency in the metro area.

A fax will be sent at the end of the promotion asking you to advise us of any stock remaining. Please complete this, as it will assist us in setting allocations for future promotions.

Thank you for your support,

Mike Webster