Ban on excessive payment surcharges for certain cards

From 1 September, every business across Australia will be banned from charging customers excessive surcharges for using certain types of EFTPOS, MasterCard, Visa and American Express cards to make payments.

The ban has applied to large businesses since September last year and now extends to all businesses that are either based in Australia or use an Australian bank. The ban has no impact on businesses that choose not to apply a surcharge to card payments.

If you’re a business that charges consumers a surcharge, you can only charge what it actually costs you to process card payments, such as bank fees and terminal costs. For example, if your cost of acceptance for Visa Credit is 1.5%, your customers can only be charged a surcharge of no more than 1.5% on payments made using a Visa credit card.


The RBA provides detailed information for businesses, including how they identify and quantify those costs that can be passed on to a consumer as a surcharge.

For more information see the media release. This online guidance material for businesses will also help you understand the ban.