Business Safety & Crime Prevention

As you may have heard, a recent robbery that occurred in Melbourne this week has left one of our members seriously injured. VANA would like to remind all of our members that it is important that you remain cautious in the workplace and prevent your business from becoming a victim.

As a business owner, you are responsible for maintaining a safe work environment for all employees and customers. We highly recommend you to improve the safety for yourself, your staff and your customers by adopting a security plan.

For example, an open, uncluttered shop layout providing a clear, well-lit view of the sales area from outside is a deterrent to armed robbers; and specific equipment may significantly improve your security such as CCTV and monitored alarms. Don’t forget, all staff should be trained in hold-up procedures and shown how to activate and control security equipment.

If you are robbed, remain calm and do exactly as you are told. The overall aim should be to ensure the offender leaves the premises as soon as possible, without injuring or harming anyone.

CLICK HERE to download the Business Security Information eKit, which is specially developed by the Victoria Police to provide business retailers with basic crime prevention advice to reduce the occurrence and cost of crime to business and the wider community.

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