IT Tips & Tricks: Productivity Software

In general, technology aims to help its users applying theoretical knowledge in everyday activities. The most practical example of this implementation is productivity application such as Microsoft Word or Excel. However, there are millions of productivity applications available on the market. Therefore, this month’s IT article will cover a handful of PC applications which you may actually use in day-to-day activities.

1. Office Suite

An office suite is essential for every business regardless of their size. Commonly, office suite offers document creation apps such as Microsoft Word, presentation apps such as Microsoft PowerPoint, or logical/relational apps such as Microsoft Excel. I guess, for those who have uses Microsoft Office can feel the convenience of Microsoft applications. But for those who don’t want to spend around $100/annum, there are available free alternatives to Microsoft Office.

Google Drive –

Google Drive is a versatile business suite made particularly for a small team. It is a web-based application, which means the user needs to have an Internet browser (e.g Chrome, Edge, Firefox) and Internet connection to run this application. It provides the essential Office Suite, for instance, Google Doc for writing tasks, Google Sheet for calculating like Microsoft Excel, and Google Slide which mimics Microsoft PowerPoint as a presentation tool.

The good about this application is you only need to have one account on Google, and you can access your file from any computer (even your mobile!) as long it’s connected to the internet. However, despite its practicality, the suite still feels a little bit lag-y at this point of time, especially with bad internet connection.

LibreOffice –

LibreOffice or Libre is a native office productivity suite which can be installed on Windows, Linux, or even Macintosh environment. It offers everything that Microsoft Office Suite can offer. This free to download software incorporates the holy missions of the open-source community, as I quoted from its manifesto below.

To eliminate the digital divide in society by giving everyone access to office productivity tools free of charge to enable them to participate as full citizens in the 21st century.

In review, this free for all software has a good build quality, it does the job swiftly. However, the interface is not very engaging to use, nevertheless, performance is the priority, right? More on this community, it survives just solely on the donation from their user. Therefore, go ahead download and use it, but when you starting to like it, don’t forget who made it.😉


2. Email Client

Email Client or native email application definitely makes dealing with emails feels much easier. While every Operating System should have one email client built-in, most of them lack functionalities. Consequently, we provide you a list of Email Client applications.

Thunderbird –

Thunderbird is a native application email client developed by Mozilla (The company who created Firefox), this software offers lightning-fast performance, auto-responding emails, and abundance additional add-ons. With heaps of features and no premium version, this email client has been the most reliable email client for years. However, the development of the application has been stopped since 2013, but fear not, the program still receives updated patches for security and stability.

Mailbird –

Unlike Thunderbird, Mailbird is a more design-focus email client. This program has a simple and engaging layout which can make daily routines with emails feels less dreary. Besides the pretty interface, this email client offers integration functionality with modern apps such as Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, and more. However, to get the best out of the software, users must spend as little as $1/month.


3. Miscellaneous

There are millions of applications may increase productivity, below we shortlisted applications we think may be relevant to Newsagency day-to-day activities.

  • F.lux – Screen ambient software, it adjusts screen brightness and contrast based on the daylight, this one is actually good for your health! – F.lux Download.
  • StickyNote – Sticky note apps on your desktop, this note taking program is convenient and easy to use – Sticky Note Download.
  • SnagIt – Image and Video Capture application, users can cut, paste, and record anything on the screen – SnagIt Download.
  • Grammarly – Auto grammar correction, this software can be added to Internet browser, email client, and document creation apps, which makes writing perfect stories seamlessly easier – Grammarly Download

To get more applications, Microsoft Store ( offers huge selections made for a new learner to an IT guru.