Lottoland will be banned from accepting bets on Australia-based lotteries

The lottoland website will be banned from accepting bets on Australian-based lotteries amid sweeping changes to its licensing agreement.

It is another win for the industry as for the past six months VANA has been working behind the scenes to help inform and bring clarity to the government around the impact of synthetic lotteries on the community and small business in this state and by extension the country. Recently we communicated with the opposition Minister of Gaming to express our position on the legislation before parliament which is due to be debated shortly.

It’s been said that the gambling revenue in the local market has dropped massively due to the presence of lottoland.

Not only has the Andrews Government, New South Wales, Tasmania and the West Australian state government moved to ban the website, the Northern Territory Government has now caved in a fierce campaign to restrict Lottoland.

As VANA keeps working with the wider industry towards eliminating lottoland, we also encourage all of our members to continue supporting the ‘Lottoland’s Gotta Go!’ campaign ( Together we can make a difference.

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