Media Release: Synthetic Lotteries

VANA, the peak body for newsagents and lottery agents in Victoria, commends the Victorian state Labour Government on introducing the Gambling Legislation Amendment Bill 2017 into parliament. This Bill will give the government the ability to tighten the framework around synthetic lotteries and is a win for the community and small business.

The Bill was introduced on Tuesday 17th of October 2017 and will amend the Gambling Regulation Act 2003 to provide the Government with greater power to prohibit betting products that are against the public interest or impose conditions that they must comply with.

For the past six months VANA has been working behind the scenes to help inform and bring clarity to the government around the impact of synthetic lotteries on the community and small business in this state and by extension the country.

Chris Samartzis, General Manager of VANA, said that –

“Overseas and domestic synthetic lottery operators, do not pay their fair share of State taxes and their contribution to Australia’s economy is minimal.

Revenue that could fund schools, hospitals, roads and community services, is impacted, as is the newsagency / lotteries small businesses.

As the peak industry body, VANA has been fighting to protect our members, who are part of the real lotto retail network and valued small business operators in Australia’s economy. “

Furthermore –

VANA is thrilled with the courage of The Hon. Marlene Kairouz, Minister for Consumer Affairs, Gaming and Liquor Regulation for helping to understand and expedite this piece of legislation that provides the framework to strengthen the gambling act in Victoria”.

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