Casuals are the key to retail success

With the Australian retail industry employing over 10% of the total working population, the Australian Retailers Association (ARA) strongly believe that casual workers and their flexible hours are crucial to the survival of retail....


Shopfitting Stands for FREE

Shopfitting stands for free. If you are interested, please contact Gary on 0417 314 478  (03) 5821 2622 Location Shepparton Marketplace Benalla Rd Shepparton Items must be picked up before Sunday 21/1/2018 SEE PICTURES: SHOP FITTINGS...

Multicolored plasticine human figures with a stacks of coins

Tatts Commission Remuneration Submission

We appreciate your recent responses to the Lotteries Commission Review.  VANA has collated the information and presented to The Lott on Wednesday the 20th December 2017 our position on behalf of its member base and by extension the...