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Business Safety & Crime Prevention

As you may have heard, a recent robbery that occurred in Melbourne this week has left one of our members seriously injured. VANA would like to remind all of our members that it is important that...Read More

AJG Nlottery Insurance 60% premium price drop for newsagents

Arthur J. Gallagher is a long-term industry partner of ours (formerly named OAMPS), a premier insurance provider that helps to support the Australian Newsagency and Lottery Agents Industry. Their incredible expertise and understanding of independent...Read More

Changes to price board - Information for Tobacco retailers and certified specialist tobacconists

Under the new Tobacco Regulations 2017, there are some small changes to price notices (commonly known as price boards) from 1 August 2017. In summary, the changes mean a price board must: not contain...Read More

9 tips to improve your social media presence

1.Know your audience It’s important to know who your customers are, the better you know your customers the more you will appeal to them on social media. Questions to consider when getting to know...Read More

XchangeIT 2017 Highlights

Each year, XchangeIT provides a review of their deliverables to the Newsagent Industry. The year of 2017 (FY) has been a fascinating and rewarding one, as over 2,200 Newsagents throughout Australia continue to be...Read More

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