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Newsagent Firm Sale Offer 2018 Licensed Calendars

Paper Pocket/Universal Magazines have been able to secure so many calendar licenses for 2018 & there is great sales potential across these brands. The Wiggles & Emma Wiggle Calendars (Australian National Tour beginning in...Read More

The Age Incorrect Cover Price Printed

Please note that The Age has printed its cover price as $2.80 due to a production error. It should be $3.00. Newsagents must sell the newspaper to customers at the price of $2.80 for...Read More

Supply Hop

VANA would like to inform you about Supply Hop, a brand new wholesale buying website that has been developed to streamline the ordering process for Newsagents. Specifically designed for the Newsagency Industry, Supply Hop...Read More

Tax Tips: What Businesses Should Be Claiming

Running a business is hard enough without getting caught up in the complexities of the tax system. So, to make things simpler, here is a beginners’ guide to the tax deductions all retail businesses should...Read More

Newsagents New Year Opening Hours

We are assisting Gordon & Gotch to plan their distribution program during the holiday period. Please simply email to to let us know if your Newsagency will be closed on Monday 1 January 2018...Read More

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