Tatts Commission Remuneration Submission

We appreciate your recent responses to the Lotteries Commission Review.  VANA has collated the information and presented to The Lott on Wednesday the 20th December 2017 our position on behalf of its member base and by extension the wider industry.

This was a substantial and detailed document which outlined many aspects of the lotteries industry which some are listed below:

  • Operational structural fees such as Digi POS fees and  Scratch fees
  • Online revenue share model
  • Adequate remuneration for services performed
  • Business and financial certainty
  • Industry & environmental analysis
  • New Product development
  • Compliance with the fair work act and accessorial liability
  • And other issues of importance

The Vana team will follow up with The Lott and keep members informed as we progress through the submission process. The key date to have the submission delivered was the 23rd of December 2017 and VANA kept to this timeline in a  professional and consistent manner.

Chris Samartzis

General Manager


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