VANA Legend – John Attwood – Attwood Lane Plaque Unveiling in Murrumbeena

Well-known Murrumbeena resident honoured for community involvement

John Attwood has been affectionately known as the ‘Mayor of Murrumbeena’ for many years.

In recognition of his community involvement in Murrumbeena, Mr Attwood will be honoured by the Murrumbeena Village Traders Association with the naming of Attwood Lane —  a busy walkway that leads pedestrians from Murrumbeena Station to the Neerim Road shopping strip.

Mr Attwood has been connected to Murrumbeena for all of his 87 years, and has been described in Colin Smith’s book Merric Boyd and Murrumbeena ‘as one of Murrumbeena’s finest.’

Born and raised next to the railway line in Beena Avenue, Mr Attwood spent his formative years attending Murrumbeena Primary School.

In 1939, he threw his first paper as a paper boy — little did he know that for the next 75 years he would earn his living from working in his own newsagency!

In 2008, Mr Attwood was a founding director and driving force behind the establishment of the Murrumbeena Branch of the Bendigo Community Bank.

His efforts over the years have also been acknowledged in the business world when he was made the inaugural legend of the newsagency industry in 2010.

His wife of 57 years Myra and their nine children would owe their commercial beginnings in life to the business, with five of them going on as business owners in Murrumbeena or in newsagencies.

Whilst he has certainly thrown his last home delivered newspaper, Mr Attwood is still actively involved and interested in the Murrumbeena Village, indeed he is still known to fire off the odd letter trying to shape Murrumbeena’s future.

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